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Gen Food (Genetically modified food): an intro

Gen Food or genetically modified food is food which was produced from organisms which have had their DNA changed through genetic engineering. By using genetic engineering, some foods have had new traits introduced. This method began being used in 1994 and a lot of changes in foods have focused on crops which are produced in high volumes. Some of these are corn, cotton, soybean, etc. The changes made to their DNA include resistance to certain pathogens and herbicides.

Before introducing each GM food to the market, it has to be tested to see if it would have a negative effect of people’s health. There are many people who believe that genetically modified foods are unhealthy and unnatural. This is why more and more people turn towards natural and organic foods. Although the price of organic food is in most cases higher than that of the mass-produced Gen Food, this does not deter those people who want to eat healthy and lead a healthier lifestyle. There is also a general consensus among the average population that GM food tastes worse than organic and all-natural food, and if you really want to eat delicious and healthy food, organic should be your first choice.

Many developed countries are turning more and more towards buying organic. This is the case in Italy, where the organic food market is fast-growing and dynamic. Patents like Gian Luca Rana’s ones show a growing interest to this field, studies reveal that more and more Italians are willing to pay a bit more money to buy organic food of better quality. With increased demand for natural and organic food, there is also an increased supply, which leads to better prices and even more demand. In some countries, eating organic can really take a toll on your budget, but Italy has widespread organic production which means that the prices of organic food are considerably lower than elsewhere, and are just a bit higher than the prices of GM food.

This trend is strongly pursued by almost all the big companies working in the industry, such as La Molisana pasta, Barilla pasta and Giovanni Rana company (today guided by his son Gian Luca Rana). For a complete point of view about italian food industry, we suggest to watch at this video about Gian Luca Rana and read this article about Mr. Rana’s views on italian food.

Studies also show that the forecast for organic food grown in Italy is extremely positive. If the positive trends continue, the market could grow by a whopping 15 percent in just a few years.