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University of Kalyani

And Other Important Indian Science Universities

University of Kalyani  is a relatively new university; however, it does have an Environmental Science department, and a good one at that. The department itself is around 14 years old with its creation in 1998 it was one of the first ones in the region. The university cannot facilitate many students; therefore the course has only about 46 places a semester. It does, however, have different courses some of which are leading in its area in India.

With the creation of the department the university was allowed to hand out only M.Phil degrees, however, as it proved itself though the years as a worthy teaching environment it was given the status and allowed to hand out PhD, M.Phil, M.Sc degrees. Each course has the length of about two academic years; however, you can get an unpaid internship which will last for about 2 more years.

The department does have modern facilities which allow it to properly train its alumni. With state of the art laboratories, and library, you can be sure that a degree from the department of Environmental Science will be a worthwhile experience. It can support biological analysis since it does have the proper facilities, with a state of the art biological analysis laboratory.

The degrees and courses offered do range from M.Sc to PhD in Environmental Science, and you can get a two year graduate degree in the same field which is four semesters. It has different specializations, from Environmental Biotechnology to Atmospheric Science as well as Pollution Biology and Ecology.

The library can be found in the same building as the department and all of the four hundred books that can be found in it are exclusive to the students and faculty members. Apart from state of the art laboratories and a cozy library the university also has specialized experience that is detrimental to the success of the learning process. The university does allow different research activities of the faculties such as research done in the Environmental Biology and Pollution or Environmental Geology, GIS and Remote Sensing.

The Department is happy to take your applications during the specified times, even though it does not have so much time under its belt it has become a close family which allows for a great learning experience. Not only that but you can learn more about yourself, through your studies in Kalyani University. They have a diverse student body from all around India, as well as a small group of international students.

In India, there are many science universities that offer various Science courses. The Indian Institute of Science, located in Banglore is one among them. Another one is Andhra Pradesh University of Health Sciences, which is located in Andra Pradesh. Shanmugha Arts, Science, Technology & Research Academy or SASTRA is a university, which is located in Tamil Nadu and it provides different courses related to Arts, Science and Technology. The universities mentioned above are located in South India. Sher-I-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS) is a North Indian University, which belongs to Jammu and Kashmir.